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When a man starts having night terrors his family thinks it’s just nightmares. Only it’s not just bad dreams — there is an actual demon plaguing him. And two family members know their house is haunted but they don’t want to share that secret… even with each other.

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Green Demon

When Austin’s dad starts having night terrors, the family thinks it’s just nightmares -- but Austin thinks something else is going on. He soon discovers that there is an actual demon plaguing his father… and Austin must confront it.

Thank you, Austin, for sharing your story with Spooked!

Produced by Zoë Ferrigno, original score by Leon Morimoto


Jennifer and her daughter Taylor both know their family home is haunted… but they don’t want to share that secret, even with each other.

Thank you, Jennifer & Taylor, for sharing your story with us!

Produced by Eliza Smith, original score by Bells Atlas

Artwork by Teo Ducot

Season 12 - Episode 43

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