Telling the Stories from the Chapters of Your Life with Joanna Klein


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Join Joanna and Katana as they share:
• How your stories and your life matter - not just to you but to others.
• Why there is no better time than now to tell the story only you can write.
• Easy ways to stimulate memory and inspiration to make sure your stories are shared.
Joanna Klein MSW is an international speaker, writer and educator who knows the power of owning your personal story. At the age of 65, she was divorced three times, had no income stream, and was beginning to believe the best years were behind her. Instead of spiraling downward, she found a way to transform her life. And positivity followed: she started her own business, met the love of her life, and began to genuinely accept and believe in herself for the first time. She now shares her proven techniques and processes, helping women celebrate their stories of joy, strength, courage and resilience and leave a legacy of wisdom for future generations.
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