#58 The Song Is Actually Called Teenage Wasteland‘s Monster (feat. Arielle)


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Hey friends, it is so nice to see you again! Welcome back to the only podcast Ellen Degeneres is afraid of( yet won't unsubscribe from): Sinclairity A Dinosaurs Tale. This week is special because not only are you treated to your beloved hosts Tim and Ben (whom you've long since grown bored of), but you are being gifted with a guest host by the name of Arielle Secretlastname. Listen in as we discuss the season 3 episode of Dinosaurs: "If I Were A Tree". Alternate titles: My 10 Inch Girlfriend, Vegans In The Workplace, Kirkland Pizza: The #4 Pizza in America, It's Not the Size of the Girlfriend; It's the Motion in the Ocean, and Opossum Qualifications and Restrictions. See y'all soon!




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