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THE WORLD’S SOURCE FOR ANTI-SOCIAL COMMENTARY Sick and Wrong is your hearing aid into the dark, depraved, and dripping abscess that is contemporary existence. An enchanting mélange of social criticism, pointed observation, and well-deserved derision; Sick and Wrong is the pepto-bismol for society’s indigestion. In their critically acclaimed weekly podcast, award-winning broadcasters Dee Simon and Lance Wackerle discuss the most vile, disquieting, and oddly amusing news items for your listening pleasure. “The most foul thing I have ever heard. I can’t believe people listen to this shit.” — Katy Perry “Sick and Wrong is my new favorite podcast.” — Drew Barrymore “My mom told me about this podcast.” — Neil Patrick Harris “These guys have seen Brokeback Mountain one too many times.” — Bruce Campbell

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