Manhunter (1986)


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Shat The Movies has covered "The Silence of The Lambs," but that wasn't enough for film elitists who scoff at the mainstream appeal of Sir Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lecktor and Jodi Foster's Clarice Starling. They insisted we review the movie that started it all: "Manhunter."

It was hard to validate this movie without comparing it to everything that came after: Buffalo Bill dancing to "Goodbye Horses," Mads Mikkelsen bringing sex appeal to the series or Frederick Chilton getting some flesh to his character. But that's OK, because those comparisons revealed some of "Manhunter's" subtle strengths.

In this episode, Gene admits he doesn't understand some of Michael Mann's artsy decisions; Big D illuminates some of the guerilla filmmaking that went into "Manhunter;" and Ash gets pissed on behalf of murder victims' families.

The Shat Crew also discusses Brian Cox's version of Hannibal, chuckles at William Petersen's spirited self-talk and explores whether a little romance can help elevate an '80s thriller.






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