10 Common Puppy Mistakes: What To Do Instead! #160


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I have owned nine puppies and had many rescue dogs new to my home, and all have become amazing adult dogs. It might seem I was lucky, but the truth is that I followed a process! And there are things that I don’t do with my puppies or dogs when they come to live with me. I’m covering the 10 common mistakes that people make with a new puppy. Avoiding these 10 things that people do intentionally or inadvertently when they get a new puppy will set puppies up for success.

In the episode you'll hear:

• The 10 mistakes to avoid when your new puppy comes home. • About the layers of the 5C Formula applied to puppy raising for confidence. • How clarity for me starts with a puppy learning how to be excited and how to be calm. • That you have permission to go shopping before your puppy arrives. • Why to decide the method of training you want to use with intention. • About having realistic expectations because puppies are babies. • How to create an environment to set a puppy up for success and confidence. • The importance of keeping your slippery floors covered so puppy does not slide. • Why to avoid indoor pee pads if you want your puppy to potty outside. • About the appropriate timing of socializing puppies. • How an overtired puppy is cranky, overstimulated, and needs sleep. • Why I encourage you to have your new puppy sleep in the bedroom at night. • A bonus tip to prevent counter surfing and scavenging from the get-go.


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