Early Women Scientists: Their History and a Poem for Each


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Did you realize there were dozens and dozens of early women scientists? Each one deserves a poem! A conversation and recitations with poet Jessy Randall.

Jessy Randall is curator of special collections at Colorado College and the author of several poetry collections, including Suicide Hotline Hold Music, (which includes her own accompanying comics), There Was an Old Woman, Injecting Dreams into Cows, and A Day in Boyland, which was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. She has also written a young adult novel The Wandora Unit, about poetry nerds in high school, and a collection of collaborative poems, Interruptions, written with Daniel M. Shapiro. Randall’s most recent book, Mathematics for Ladies: Poems on Women in Science,” empathizes with the challenges these women faced and their complex responses, conveying a mix of reverence and vicarious irreverence, outrage and bemusement, anger and equanimity, pride and cheerful self-effacement.

This interview was originally broadcast on KTAL-LP, the community radio station of Las Cruces, New Mexico. The full archive of well over 100 interviews can be found at https://www.lccommunityradio.org/archives/category/delving-in.

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