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If you want to learn how you can stay creatively fulfilled and carve out a career that's custom to your unique skill set, then this conversation with Rebecca Magazine is for you.

When you double down on the aspects of your career that you're best at, people will keep wanting to work with you, which means you will stay booked.

Rebecca has some incredible wisdom to share from her work in several areas of our industry, including dance, opera, musical theater, circus, and even immersive theater. Not only does she perform in these areas, but she also creates within them too.

In this episode, we talk about how to stop doing all the things, why you should only work with people you truly vibe with, and how to cultivate confidence by being true to yourself.

Episode Highlights:

[05:36] Getting involved in the world of circus

[12:32] Try new things even if you're scared-you'll learn so much about yourself

[15:58] Dealing with the emotions of "giving up" on a goal to pursue something else

[20:50] Extra skillsets always benefit you, especially financially, but you have to find balance in how you represent yourself

[24:52] The importance of your reputation

[30:23] Working for only the people you WANT to work with

[34:06] The process of creating new things (which means new opportunities for you)

[42:38] Why you need support from the community around you

[47:23] Confidence comes from being you, not trying to be like everyone else

[51:16] Be human in your relationships instead of angling for how it will benefit your career

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