Jess Bryant, Unmistakable Mate, and Beauty and the Beast


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Today is part two of two where we are talking to Jess Bryant about her novels. Over the next 2 weeks you will hear about her journey of writing since she was as kid, keeping possession of your embarrassing stories, writing whenever you have spare time, overcoming self doubt, and her advice to be a reader first in your genre before writing in the genre.

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Jess Bryant is an avid indoorswoman. A city girl trapped in a country girl's life, her heart resides in Dallas but her soul and roots are in small town Oklahoma. She enjoys manicures, the color pink, and her completely impractical for country life stilettos. She believes that hair color is a legitimate form of therapy, as is reading and writing romance. She started writing as a little girl but her life changed forever when she stole a book from her aunt's Harlequin collection and she's been creating love stories with happily ever afters ever since.

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