Highlights - David A. Banks - Dir. of Globalization Studies - SUNY Albany


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"Changing cities is going to mean changing how we do politics in them. What kind of decisions do cities get to make? This changes pretty widely across countries and even states within the United States where cities can either get the benefit of the doubt that they get to decide what happens within their jurisdiction, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the United States, that's called Home Rule, which can be really useful, but it also sets up a race to the bottom in a lot of cases where they do they do not have the resources to say, have a legal team put together to go toe to toe with Amazon or Alibaba or Tesla."

David A. Banks is the Director of Globalization Studies at the University at Albany, SUNY and the author of the forthcoming book The City Authentic: How the Attention Economy Builds Urban America published by University of California Press. He is also a delegate to the Troy Area Labor Council and the co-host of the podcast Ironweeds.





The attention economy of authentic cities https://doi.org/10.1080/09654313.2021.1882947


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