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In this episode, Becky chats with fellow DEIVF mum and author of Happy Together Children's Book, Julie Marie. We hear Julie's story and what led to her creating Happy Together, before delving deeper into our emotions and experiences of talking to our children about their conception. We also talk about our hopes and fears for the future, as well as the importance of listening, learning and growing as parents, including the many different perspectives that are shared from donor conceived people too.

Following their chat, Becky and Julianne (Perinatal Psychologist at Parenthood in Mind) pick up on why it's important to tell our children about how they came to be, as well as the emotions that are often experienced as we reach the stage where we are finally parenting and start to build and share our family narrative.

Finally, I share a snippet from my most special guest, my daughter Mila, as she brings this whole conversation to life in sharing with you the story of how she was made. My hope is that you will hear the beauty of honesty and openness in talking and telling, helping to make it seem a little less scary. She loved it too - I think she may follow in my footsteps as she's older!

This is a really insightful episode that I hope will again leave you feeling validated, but also more confident and comfortable in sharing your own story, it's also a great one to share with loved ones who may question why it's important to talk about this topic or partners to open a conversation about how this might work for you.

You can find Julie @happytogetherchildrensbook on Instagram and you can view her range of childrens books here - https://www.happytogetherchildrensbook.com/

You can find Julianne @parenthoodinmind on Instagram or at www.parenthoodinmind.co.uk.

Your host, Becky can be found at @DefiningMum on Instagram or through her blog www.definingmum.com. Paths to Parenthub is designed for support and connection for donor conception where you can find out more at www.pathstoparenthub.com or follow on Instagram @paths_to_parenthub.

This podcast was supported by a grant provided by Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

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