Episode # 281 Hilda the Mountain King with Danni Haughan and DaveSmith from Wardour Studios


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David Smith and Danni Haughan from Small Wardour return to Flixwatcher remotely to review Dave’s choice Hilda and the Mountain King.

Hilda and the Mountain King is based on the graphic novels by Luke Pearson, this film picks up from the season two finale of the animated series Hilda. Hilda is now a troll and stranded in troll county. Meanwhile in Trolberg, a curfew is announced due to increased troll activity. Later the students at the local school are shown a safety video about trolls but Hilda’s friends Frida and David question the inaccurate information in the film. An adventure ensues to rescue Hilda and turn her back into a human.

Fear of the other and tolerance of other cultures are strong themes in Hilda and the Mountain King. It also features strong female characters with agency and opinions - rather than waiting for a prince or on a constant quest for romance.

Highly recommended for children (and former children), however, being familiar with the graphic novels or the animated series would be beneficial as not only an introduction to the characters but also to know the events that occurred before. Scores for Hilda and the Mountain King were high for repeat viewing from David and Danni (with support from Danni’s children!) and help to give a very impressive overall rating of 4.14.

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