Episode # 278 The DIg with Liz and Michelle from Two Women Chatting podcast


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Liz and Michelle from Two Women Chatting podcast join Flixwatcher remotely to review Liz’s choice The Dig.

The Dig is a 2021 British drama based on the novel of the same name that is a reimagining of the events around the 1939 excavation of Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. Sutton Hoo was a site of Anglo-Saxon ship containing artefacts was buried. The site was first excavated by Basil (Ralph Fiennes) Brown under the watch of the landowner Edith (Carey Mulligan) Pretty. When the importance of the dig is discovered national experts - Peggy (Lily James) and Stuart (Ben Chaplin) Pigott - take over to recover the artefacts.

The Dig is fairly true to the events that happened except for an invented romance between Peggy and Rory (who in real life were photographers Mercie Lack and Barbara Wagstaff and O. G. S. Crawford) Lomax and her supposed inexperience in the field. The casting of Mulligan, in her 30s, caused some controversy as Pretty was in her mid 50s at the time.

Liz brought her insight from her experience archaeology and confirms it is not sexy and is as presented on screen. Due to The Dig’s niche subject, scores for recommendabilty were mixed and its two hour runtime also went against it on repeat viewing. However, it still manages to score a respectable 3.44 overall.

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