The Still Chasing Interviews Vol. 2: Tom Marshall


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Mike Finoia's Podcast Series "Still Chasing" chronicles a life dedicated to chasing moments provided by improvisational musicians, particularly the Grateful Dead & Phish. In setting out to tell his own story, Mike reached out to friends, community members, and forefathers of the Jam music scene to discuss what keeps us coming back for more. The following series of interviews were conducted in preparation for the project.

This week's interview is with Tom Marshall, Phish lyricist & host of Under the Scales Podcast. In this conversation, Tom and Mike discuss his lifelong friendship with Phish frontman Trey Anastasio, the importance of the connection between audience and band, & never before heard stories from The Clifford Ball, childhood and more. Thank you to Tom for his time and thoughts! Keep Chasing!!

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