Stress? What Stress? Chef Maria Campbell


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Chef Life Radio

S2 – E2: Stress – What Stress? Chef Maria Campbell

Show notes

Maria Campbell is a chef and co-founder of Cooks Who Care, a Philly-based organization that supports the well-being of people working in all facets of the food & beverage industry. Driven by a desire to create change in the food industry, Maria and her husband, Chef Scott Campbell, started Cooks Who Care as a way to bring people together.

In this episode, Maria describes what keeps her going and why she’s so committed to helping her peers in the food business get ahead. You can help too. Learn what you can do to help Cooks Who Care spread its message and expand the reach of its community.


0.00 - Introducing the Burnt Chef Project

01.01 - Welcome to Chef Life Radio

04:21 - Introducing chef Mary Campbell

05:28 - Chef Life Radio bumper

06:46 - Interview with Maria Campbell

10:19 - Corona madness

13:26 - You’re going down! The power of the internet

16:34 - Cooks Who Care

22:29 - Hiring industry veterans

24:03 - The new kitchen culture

31:23 - Does love play any part in our new kitchen culture?

34:30 - Takeaways from the conversation with Maria Campbell

35:54 - Chef Life Radio outro

Free PDF Download: The New Kitchen Culture:


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Maria Campbell, MBA is a Chef-by-trade is an

established educator and a mentor who uses her determination and positivity to

influence all who she works with. Through her role as a Partner and

Productivity Specialist with One Degree Coaching, she provides guided

leadership mastery to businesses of all types, helping them to reach their full

potentials and achieve success. As the Founder and Executive Director of Cooks

Who Care - a collective formed to serve as the Well-Being Concierge for the

Food Industry - she drives much-needed change in the industry she loves,

encouraging others to support the health of underpaid and underserved workers

who run our country's kitchens and serve our meals.

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