Hope Nicholson's "Love Beyond Body, Space, & Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology"


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Hello stardust pals! This week, we continue our Summer Short Series with an anthology, edited by Hope Nicholson, that explores indigenous science fiction, urban fantasy, and LGBTQIA+/Two-Spirit characters! To add some chaos, Ako and Marci both read 3 stories--2 of which they both mutually read and 1 story that the other person didn't read! So grab a snack and enjoy yourselves as Ako and Marci discuss the simulated lives they would curate, thirsty teenage antics, gender-expansive cyborgs, and the artificial divide between nature and ourselves.

Intro/Ako's Question: 00:07 - 15:21

Mutually Read Stories: 15:37 - 45:11

*Story Swap: 45:19 - 1:05:32

The stories we read included "Imposter Syndrome" by Mari Kurisato, "Perfectly You" by David A. Robertson, "The Boys Who Became The Hummingbirds" by Daniel Heath Justice, and "Parallax" by Cleo Keahna.

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*The poem that Ako is referencing near the outro is "Trans Diptych" by Syd Westley.

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