Brianna Lei‘s ”Butterfly Soup” (feat. Books and Boba)


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Hey literary listeners! CPBC is back again with another episode of the Summer Short Series! And this time we're discussing a VIDEO GAME!!! That’s right y'all--apparently, you pushed "random" on Super Smash Brothers and the algorithm spit out an episode that you didn’t expect, but might soon become your favorite.

So join Ako and Marci this week as we game our way through the 2017 queer baseball visual novel, Butterfly Soup by Brianna Lei.

Oh, did we mention that we brought friends? Almost like we’re a virtual book club or something….? The wonderful, always hilarious, and insightful, Reera and Marvin, from Books and Boba stop by to discuss sports anime we’d be in, our high school musical experiences, the oh so delicious bitter melon, and so much more as we explore this millennial Asian-American queer coming-of-age story!

Intro: 00:00 - 26:42

Plot Summary: 27:02 - 42:52

Discussion: 43:05 - 1:33:48

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