3 Reasons Why Finding a Mentor Is a Must for Success!


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3 Reasons Why Finding a Mentor Is a Must for Success!

Why do you need a mentor?

Finding a mentor is one of the biggest decisions you are going to make that is going to rapidly improve your chances of success. Why? Because these are the people who have already been through what you’ve been through.

I’m going to give you examples of who some of my first mentors are, how I found them and how they helped me.

I am also going to share the one biggest mistake that people make that drives me crazy.

I will talk about 3 key things to help how to find a mentor and why you need a mentor.

00:50 Why Do you need a Mentor?

02:15 Everest Base Camp

03:43 Find a Mentor Reason 1

05:01 Find a Mentor Reason 2

06:55 Find a mentor Reason 3

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