Top 6 ways to slay your DIY Knotless Box Braid install with ease!


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Knotless Box Braids are my go to hair style when the weather gets warmer and retaining length is usually a positive result of that when protective styling is executed the right way. I had gotten so used to wearing my beautiful braid outs over the winter, that when Spring rolled around, I honestly felt lost when it came to styling.

Once the weather started to have a touch of humidity in the air, my braid outs where just shrinking up too much and a little too fast. Not only that, I realized that when the weather gets warmer, I feel super uncomfortable with having hair in my face. It feels hot, sticky and with all the products I put on my hair... a breakout is bound to happen with my hair sticking to my cheeks!

I then decided to do my tried and true, DIY Knotless Box Braids and could not be happier! In order to braid your hair with ease, I compiled my tips to execute this hair style without all the hassle!

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