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With the natural hair movement changing the way black women think about what goes into our hair/body, we are seeing a rise in entrepreneurship within the black community with a real sentiment for organic, non-toxic, safe and synthetic free products. Our community is excited about supporting these endeavors as we realize the power of buying black and how important it is to use safe products that were made with our health in mind. There is a huge need for more Female Black Entrepreneurs and my podcast Hair’s The Scoop is a guide for those that are interested in creating the next black owned business in the hair/beauty industry, but might not know how to navigate or get started in the business. Hair’s The Scoop is a business podcast that helps to educate black women on the journey through entrepreneurship, by listening to the stories of well known and successful Founders/CEO’s in the business. Each month I highlight bold, black women who have successfully scaled to full-time entrepreneurs within the hair, health and beauty industry. My special guests get candid on what it takes to run a successful company, how they got started, mistakes to avoid in the business and so much more! I hope my podcast helps to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey!

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