#058 - Hospitality Meets Marc Dardenne - The Luxury Hotel COO


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What an absolute treat we have for you this week (I know, they're all treats really).

We welcomed Marc Dardenne on the show, COO of Luxury Brands in Europe for Hotel heavy weights, Accor (https://all.accor.com).

This chat is packed full of stories and amazing insight from one the world's premier Hoteliers.

We cover off learning from adversity, The beauty of Switzerland, The adventure of hospitality, open air lobbies, travel, Bali, the value of processes, culture, respect, practical v theory, finding your passion, leadership, hiring nice people, personality profiling, Dubai construction, staff engagement, a fond farewell, welcoming experiences, 8 hours in stilettos, the brilliance of Giorgio Armani, Accor & Luxury and so much more.

I'm so grateful to Marc for giving us his time to share his incredible journey with us.


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