#055 - Hospitality Meets Ioannis Pantelidis - The Accidental Academic


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What do you get when you cross intellect with humour? The answer is ..... Todays guest Dr. Ioannis Pantelidis, Director of Doctoral Studies at Brighton University and all round Hospitality Warrior.

Ioannis talks us through his wonderful, story driven journey with such humour at every turn, it was an absolute pleasure to chat with him and once again demonstrates all the many different avenues available in hospitality as a career.

We cover Hospitality Warriors, Hospitalers, the family business, Missing trains, Arriving at Gleneagles, whisky, bagpipes, Re-introduction programs for haggis, early tech disasters, working nights, training, career negotiation, serendipity, wearing tight chef whites, PHD, the fountain of knowledge, how we learn, education, critical and creative thinking, Ioannis the storyteller, 12 days of Christmas and so much more.

Ioannis is a natural and we hope you love your time listening as much as we did chatting.


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