#053 - Hospitality Meets Andrew Scott - The All Round Hospitality Champion


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Some people are born to be in Hospitality, todays guest is certainly one such person.

We got some time with the always upbeat Andrew D Scott, Managing Director of Victus Catering Consultancy (https://www.victusconsultancy.co.uk), business owner, author, public speaker and now voice over artist for Sky.

We talk about so much including Scottish Accent, starting business, stovies, becoming a GM at age 22, staying humble, lecturing, hedging your bets in business, having an epiphany, being committed, experiences involving Smeg fridges, learning from disasters, channelling your inner Mr Selfridge, shouting about all the good stuff, mental health, helping others, great wall of china and so much more. There's so many amazing nuggets in here as well as some superb stories.

We really do need more people like Andrew in Hospitality, he's most certainly a force for the good and positive.


Follow Andrew here:-

Twitter @victusconsult

Instagram @victusconultancy

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VictusCateringConsultancy

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/victus-catering-consultancy/about/

Victus Book available on amazon

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