#052 - Hospitality Meets Beth Aarons - The World Class Luxury Training Leader


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Happy New Year!

And what better way to start the year than by chatting to someone from the world of learning and development. Not only that but we went straight to the top and got some time with Beth Aarons, Global Director at the world class Dorchester Collection Academy (www.dorchestercollection.com/en/academy).

Beth has forged an incredible career so far working in and out of industry with some phenomenal brands. We chat about early Tiers, Dorchester Collection, How the Academy was born, the training spaces, being thrown in the deep end, knowing when to say no, the balance of ambition and humility, using leadership to navigate a crisis, remaining flexible, the amazement of humanity, City Inn, star ratings, the perception of value and so much more.

It's a cracker, Beth really is at the top of her game.


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