#178: Property Planning Case Study #7 – Can we keep our two existing properties, purchase our long-term home, start a family, and still retire on $150K p/a passive income?


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In this week's episode Dave, Cate and Pete take you through:

1. The conundrum– Can we purchase the long-term home without selling any of our properties and retire in 20 years relying on passive income?

This case study follows the journey of Andrew and Bec, podcast listeners in their early to mid-thirties who submitted their scenario to the team to unpack via the Property Planning platform. They started their property journey early and each own a property, one of which they currently live in. On the horizon, they would like to purchase their long-term home, start a family, and retire comfortably in 20 years. Would they be able to do all of that without selling a property?

2. Their portfolio and goals

The trio discuss Andrew and Bec’s goals and their current property portfolio, one ofwhich is undergoing a construction. They have worked hard to get themselves in a great spot, and after the construction is complete, their portfolio will be worth $2M and they currently have $300,000 in savings. Not bad for a couple in their 30’s. Ideally, they would like to be earning $150,000 in passive income from their investment properties ($75,000 in today’s dollars). The key questions to unravel were: when do Andrew and Bec purchase their future home? Do they need to sell any properties to do so? When can they reach their passive income target of $150,000. Can they retire in 20 years time? Can they do all of this AND start a family as well?

3. Modelling the scenarios

Five scenarios were modelled for Andrew and Bec, showing the sequential progression and timeline of decisions to be made and actions to take in order to reach their goals. The trio sink their teeth into the financial outcomes. Spoiler alert! Their passive income goal is reached but 1 year late. Given the laundry list of goals, we think this is a great outcome. Tune in to find out the threekey steps that Andrew and Bec need to take to get there, plus how having children willimpact their financial goals.

4. So you’re thinking of starting a family, who is going to scale back work?

There’s no doubt that having children is an important life goal for many Australians. But let’s be real, along with that bundle of joy come cash flow implications as kids are expensive and one partner normally scales back work for a period of time. In this particular scenario, Bec would like to scale back work permanently to 2 days a week in the first 6 years and 3 days a week thereafter. But that’s not the case for all families. The trio discuss how different scenarios can be modelled to make key decisions around employment when starting a family: which partner will scale back work, by how much and for how long?

Visit the show notes - https://propertyplanning.com.au/property-planning-case-study-7-can-we-keep-our-two-existing-properties-purchase-our-long-term-home-start-a-family-and-still-retire-on-150k-p-a-passive-income-ep-178/

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