Sam LaCrosse - Linking Values and Identity


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Sam LaCrosse hasn't done anything amazing. He's not extraordinary or impressive. He’s just an ordinary guy from Cleveland, Ohio, who now lives an ordinary life in Austin, Texas.

Sam’s approach to living a rich and fulfilling life doesn't involve slogans or self-esteem dogma. He feels the path to a good life lies in discovering and honoring your own core values.

Sam grew up as part of a tight-knit family where a constant was the ethos of values - he didn't understand what they were but he realised they were important. As he got older the idea of values became more interesting and something he investigated further, initially looking at the relationship between value and sacrifice. He then developed this into the relationship between value and identity which then became the basis for his book.

In this podcast:

  • Sam explains why he decided to write his book
  • How he defines value
  • What he thinks truly forms personal identity.

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