Episode #136 - Elune's Big Oopsie


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Content Warning: This episode opens up discussing the furthering of the lawsuit being levied against Activision Blizzard, including discussion of the photographs and social media posts regarding "the Cosby Room", the Blizzard Employee Walk Out, and how to financially support the charities that the employees deemed important. While we find the latter two topics to be incredibly important to discuss, we understand if one would want to avoid the entire topic and focus on in-universe discussion, which begins at the 16 minute mark.

Here are the links to the charities listed in the Blizzard Walk Out post:







Slidewhistle, Immunization, and Aaron return to the trenches to discuss the latest news coming out of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit, including several official statements from throughout the company. They then head into the world of the Shadowlands to discuss the ritual to save Tyrande's soul, their battle against the Dark Lady, and even spend some time reading kind notes from the chakram-loving hunters and zombified residents of Maldraxxus!

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