The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson


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The human body is a fascinating and beautiful machine. Whether it’s the brain, a wrinkled blob resembling overcooked Jell-O pudding that gives us our ability to think; our skin that protects us from heat, cold, and does its best to self-repair cuts and bruises; the heart with its never ceasing beating, transfusing blood to the other organs of our body which work in concert diligently keeping us alive. Still, or perhaps due to our fascinating intricacy, we encounter many biological challenges in our lives. Even our gestation causes issues for our mothers. Just look at the morning sickness of pregnancy or the challenges of attempting to give birth to a baby who’s head size exceeds circumference of the birth canal. Even common ailments like back and knee pain or cancer, are all by-products of evolution. As annoying as evolution can be, without it, we could not exist. Understanding this process, along with its benefits and dangers, is fundamental to understanding ourselves.

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