Madame Curie A Biography by Eve Curie


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As a pioneer in the study of radioactivity, Madame Curie’s achievements are widely known. From an early age, she displayed a strong thirst for knowledge and an exceptional capacity for learning. She received her bachelor’s degree from Sorbonne University, and her master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Paris. She was proficient in several languages, including Polish, English, French, and German. In her scientific career, Madame Curie received numerous accolades. She won 10 prizes, 16 medals, and 107 honorary titles, and became a Nobel Laureate in both Physics and Chemistry. She remains the only female scientist to date who has won the Nobel Prize twice.

However, Madame Curie never rested on her laurels or took all the credit for herself. In fact, she had very little interest in fame and fortune. When World War I broke out, she immediately offered to donate her medals to aid the war effort. However, fate was not kind to the great lady. One after another, her family and loved ones passed away, and she was attacked and vilified by the press and the public. In the face of repeated difficulties, she never gave up. Through a strong will and persistent belief, she devoted herself to scientific endeavors.

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