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If you are a hairdresser or salon owner with creative ideas but you’re feeling overwhelmed when it comes to finding your niche, and how to approach every client with confidence, then this is the podcast for you! The Colour Kristina Talks Podcast shares practical industry advise for colour loving hairdressers wanting to grow their confidence with all things colour, consultation, personal branding, creating your niche clientele, social media and biz tips, plus how to stay inspired and more. The host of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast is Master Hair Colourist + Educator Kristina Russell, hailing from Sydney Australia. She has ten's of thousands of followers on her socials plus 20 years experience of teaching classes of her own design across the globe from large scale hair shows, to small intimate salon trainings, and naturally diving into podcasting in early 2020 was her next step to reach more people with free to access inspiration education to help Hair Stylists and Colorists achieve their colourful goals.

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