PCP#29 Cheng Feng: Daoist Music Healing and the Five Healing Tones


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In this episode we talk again to Cheng Feng, this time about musical healing in the Chinese medical and Daoist traditions. We discuss how music can be used to both heal and harm, and the benefits of chanting the Dao De Jing. We also delve into how the 5 tones outlined in the Huang Di Nei Jing relate to the 5 phases, and how to use them in the clinic to help patients with a variety of conditions.

For those interested in attending Cheng Feng’s forthcoming online seminar on the subject, more information is available at: https://pt.globalbranches.com/bookings-checkout/daoist-music-healing?fbclid=IwAR0Wk5MxWAWxDYQm_JdmyXTp68rrRa5zkgo-sF_GFz78zYLhMlo1rdOEElY

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