Ep. 61: Panel - Vegan Investing


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Guests: Brenda Morris, Stephan Kerby, and Justin Manning

Description: Join panellists Brenda Morris of Humane Investing, LLC, Stephan Kerby of KMF Advisors and WildHeart Nutrition, and Justin Manning, Vegan Financial Advisor for a discussion all about vegan investing. Whether you’re brand new to investing or looking to make changes to your portfolio that will be good for your future, the animals, and the planet, you won’t want to miss this session. Each panelist will bring their unique perspective and discuss the challenges, potential strategies, and timeline for the vegan investor.

Brenda Morris







As more and more vegans look for better ways to invest for the future, the momentum to invest humanely continues to grow. We have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference by demanding accountability from the companies in which we invest. Since most of us need to invest to make sure our own finances are sound, we encourage you to do so while making a difference---for animals, people, and the planet---at the same time.

I have been doing animal activism and advocacy for two decades. I encourage everyone to consider going vegan and have been doing outreach with the Vegetarian Society of Richmond since the 1990s. I founded my financial planning practice to encourage fellow vegans to use their investments to influence companies in a positive manner with respect to animals and have been determined to raise the bar for funds that are purportedly “sustainable” and “ethical,” as I strongly believe that they should consider animal rights and animal welfare in their investment process.

Stephan Kerby

KMF Advisors and WildHeart Nutrition








Stephan Kerby entered the profession of financial advising in 2000 after a wide range of life experiences created a desire to learn more about personal finance. As he worked and traveled, Stephan contemplated how to manage his family’s finances and ensure that his investments were aligned with his ethical principles and love of animals. This process uncovered a passion for educating himself and others on the topics of standard investments, socially responsible investing (SRI), and financial planning. Because of this passion he authored a book titled : “You are the Change. A beginners guide to social responsible investing.” He has spoken in many parts of the country, including Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Ohio. Stephan became the first advisor in the United States to earn the new Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC) designation through the College for Financial Planning.

Stephan is also the Co-Owner of Wildheart Nutrition that is a vegan supplement company with the goal to end single use plastics. All the packaging and material is made with 100% compostable plant material. This cutting edge technology will reshape the supplement industry while substantially reducing the use of plastics.

He and his wife Amber enjoy hiking with their children and dogs, foraging, and plant-based cooking.

Justin Manning

Vegan Financial Advisor









Justin has been an entrepreneur his entire life, specializing in helping clients live healthy lifestyles. As a virtual financial advisor, Justin’s home office is located in Langley, British Columbia Canada. Through video conferencing, Justin helps businesses, families, and individuals with their financial planning insurance needs throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. He helps Canadians all across Canada with their financial planning investments, through his investment partner JustWealth. Justin represents many of Canada’s largest insurance companies, providing his clients with access to multiple options in the marketplace. He helps his clients save time and money, giving them peace of mind in the process.

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