Ep. 59: Interview with Kobi Regev, Vegan Pizza Pleese!


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Pleese is a plant based cheese developed by New Yorkers specifically to melt on pizza. Pleese is all natural, made from bean and potato proteins and crafted using traditional methods. Pleese is so good that people can't tell the difference and is approved by the world's harshest food critics - kids from NYC.

They were supposed to run a test launch with their products in cafeterias last April, and needless to say the pandemic / lockdown completely changed those plans. They had just produced the first commercial batch and when these venues closed they didn't know what to do. So, they turned to Facebook and asked people if they knew any restaurants that wanted to try vegan cheese for pizza. The response was overwhelming and they went from zero prospects to 45 in two weeks. They finally launched in September to an overwhelming response. So much so, that they have been having trouble keeping up with the demand ever since.

WB: https://www.pleesecheese.com

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