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All it took to get a bit of the band back together was at least our 3rd greatest, bravest, defining wins in the club's history this season. We have developed high standards. It's probably going to be now and then from now on. It's Never Surrender by the Squinters - the only GWS Giants fan podcast and we (Needles, Sparrow and the good Dr Nangs in his podcasting hat) got around some whisky, schhhhhhnaaaaaaps and chardonnay to tray and work out the HELL just happened at GMHBA1CF67 Oval and also where was Mal - who had promise dto show-up (nb; the man himself later apologised for his absence saying he had black eye, a cut on his foot, the house was covered in blood and he couldn't remember why. So at least he was on brand). Anyway, how good was it? Pretty friggin'. Find us at, speculate with us or against us at and on the Twitter... ***After subscribing and downloading, and getting your mates to do it was well, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your pods.

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