N0.49 - Elimination Final v the Schwannies @ University of the Apple Isle Oval, Launceston ('Cause the 'Rona, OK)


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Yes, we have an opinion on Toby (everyone has an opinion on Toby, arewerite?) but the real reason to listen to this outstanding iteration of the AFL nation's favourite Orange-flavoured GWS Giants' fan podcast is the dulcet, sorely-missed tones of Never Surrender by the Squinters' hirsuite hero - ROMAC! The Swans were great and bode well for the future, the Giants were better and are ready for today (and Saturday against the kittens and Jezza) and Toby, for like the 20th time (we're sensing a pattern - perhaps he doesn't like playing finals?), was very, very silly...again. Still, AT THEM LADS!!! Let's get to work. Find us at www.thesquinters.com, speculate with us or against us at neversurrenderpod@gmail.com and on the Twitter... ***After subscribing and downloading, and getting your mates to do it was well, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your pods.***

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