12.1 Miramar Update, 2 New 8x8 Maps, Respawns, and More! The Year of the Big Maps - PUBG Episode 86 (Part 1 of 3)


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Winner Winner is a PUBG Podcast (A Playerunknown's Battleground Podcast)

The PUBG Developers gave us so much to talk about, that the boys went long and had to chop it up into a few parts. The year of the big maps has only just begun!

In part one, Mike and Kev give an overview of what is to come in PUBG PC Patch 12.1, as well as the huge announcement within the PUBG Dev Plan for 2021, which includes news of two upcoming 8x8 km maps - codenamed Tiger and Kiki!

After teasing all the content there is to talk about, your hosts jump straight into talks about Tiger. A wise man once said a picture is worth a thousand words, to which Mike beat his chest and said you gotta pump those numbers up. Seriously, if anyone wants to word count how far they get based on an artist’s rendering, Kev and Mike’s first thoughts on Tiger really do go the distance. They discuss where they think Tiger is located, how the map might play, and anything else they could glean from A SINGLE PICTURE.

Also, no big deal, but respawns are officially coming to the game. Tiger will be where we all test PUBG’s respawn mechanic out, on live servers. In fact, Tiger will be PUBG’s most experimental map for new features going forward. Listener reactions from Twitter and Discord were shared to kick the respawn discussion off. Oh and even though the last Winner Winner episode was heavily focused on the idea of respawns, Mike and Kev forgot everything they said that episode and did it all again.

That’s about where things leave off for part one of this three part series. Tune in within the next week or so as two and three get released. The guys talk Kiki and everything Miramar in the following two shows!

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