12.1 Miramar Update, 2 New 8 × 8 Maps, Respawns, and More! The Year of the Big Maps - PUBG Episode 86 (Part 2 of 3)


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Winner Winner is a PUBG Podcast (A Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Podcast)

There’s been so much to talk about in PUBG lately, that our most recent recording had to be chopped up into a few parts. Part one released last week and offers an overview of everything coming and a deep dive on the new 8x8 map Tiger and thoughts on an incoming respawn mechanic. Definitely don’t miss that if you haven’t listened yet?

Part two is much shorter, and Mike and Kev talk about the other new 8x8 map, Kiki. The only image we’ve seen looks super futuristic, but we’ve also been told that there will be multiple biomes. In addition, the devs tell us this will be the most exploration-focused map to date.

We also cover the emergency pick-up changes that are coming to help ease the number of planes we were hearing and the frequency. This led us to chatting about the Erangel bridge changes and how interesting fights can be when not traveling by boat, glider or zipline.

That’s all for this part, friends! See you later this week with part three, where we will talk about all things new to Miramar and our initial impressions!

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