The Art of Balancing Life, Love, Family & Business with Renée Piane


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Join Renée and Katana as they discuss:
• The rituals to switch gears to get in sync with your partner and family in order to have deeper love.
• The powerful influence of your tone of voice & body language.
• How to align the “parts” of you that may be sabotaging your success & your LOVE life!
Renée Piane, the Love Designer & Relationship Reinvention expert, is a master at connecting people and one of the top influencers in the love industry. She works with high powered executives and celebrities who are looking for their ultimate match or are going through transitions in their relationships. Her books Get Real about Love and Love Mechanics have transformed many lives. As the pioneer of Rapid Dating/Networking, Renée matched thousands of people for love and business over the last thirty years. She was featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times & The New York Times.
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