Monetize Your Message, Monetize YOU! with Renée Ahee


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 Why networking is NOT a lost art.
 How to determine your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) *P.S. Selling is NOT a 4-letter word!
 How to create your key messages, communicate your value; in other words, how to sell without selling.
Renée Ahee is a public relations and marketing professional with more than 40 years in the corporate sector and private practice. Her career has also included successful executive management of non-profit organizations.
In business since 1999, her company, In Other Words, LLC, provides public relations and marketing services to for-profit and non-profit clients like Marygrove College in Detroit, where she crafted and executed full marketing plans and told stories about the Marygrove experience in social and traditional media, through speech writing and media relations.
She co-founded the Arab American Women’s Business Council, a non-profit organization providing education, professional development and networking opportunities for Arab American business and professional women.
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