WTKA Roundtable 11/18/2021: Who They Are Plus


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Things discussed:

  • Two RPS plays to beat Penn State: Mesh and Mesh beater.
  • Clifford got Devin Gardner’d. Mike Morris blew a guy up.
  • PSU had two dudes at DE too: Ryan Hayes *struggled*—have to give him help. Why are you running empty on 3rd and 11?
  • 4th and 2: Michigan can’t play down 3 guys on a side, no matter what they think. Should have audibled to the left because PSU was misaligned.
  • Running game: PSU brought down a safety so Michigan went even heavier, 10 guys in the box, and turned those safeties into linebackers.
  • Schoonmaker vs Honigford? I don’t think it makes enough of a difference.
  • Haskins: He is who we are. Draft prospects? Come back?
  • Best DE combo in Michigan history? Seth mentions Maentz and Kramer.
  • Ohio State Lucy talk from Craig and Sam. Ohio State fans are going to be there because Michigan sold them tickets last summer.
  • Seth on fandom: It’s rewarding to believe in something.
  • Basketball talk: Houstan couldn’t shoot and couldn’t stay in front of his guy, and played 39 minutes!? We think he should go in the 4 rotation, put Williamson and Bufkin at the three.

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