WTKA Roundtable 11/11/2021: They Didn’t Disappoint


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Things discussed:

  • Indiana game: commercials are out of control. Veneer of commercialism was completely off with a 7:30pm game that has as many ads as the Super Bowl. It felt like a MAC game.
  • Indiana’s offense was hopeless—didn’t do anything that bothers Michigan.
  • IU wasn’t running to the field because Michigan put Barrett in there—IU’s plan was to option off Hutchinson.
  • Ojabo: 17 snaps and looked like an NFL 1st rounder. Damn.
  • Penn State preview: Watch out for Jahan Dotson. Injuries to their QB’s legs and their best DT have given them weaknesses they didn’t have before. PSU’s player development isn’t great so they’re very good where talent shows (DB) and not great at positions where coaching matters more (OL).
  • But weird things happen vs. Penn State.
  • How down are we on Gattis? Sam has no issues, Seth has issues in the run game. Stretch zone worked against IU, seems like a good fit for some of their players, but Sam thinks Michigan isn’t going to do that instead of inside zone, never mind that they’re not able to run it from their setup.
  • Pass concepts are good, Sam wants more JJ in the red zone, Seth is singing McNamara’s praises. Boils down to whether you think it’s on the players or the coaches that Joel Honigford is running a bad route.
  • Try this: Don’t play anything during commercials. Let it be quiet.
  • Michigan over Michigan State in the playoff: Brian thinks head to head should be what matters most, the rest of us say if the playoff committee watched that game and thought Michigan was the better team, who are we to argue?
  • Hoops vs Buffalo: Williamson had a great game, so did Buffalo’s Williamson, who was hitting a lot of 2PJs to make up for his teammates missing their threes. Diabate showed vision, athleticism.
  • Houstan had a hard time staying in front of guards—probably needs to be playing the four, which changes how you figure out Michigan’s lineups.
  • Buffalo is going to be a good team, especially when they can play small instead of putting those goombas out to slow Dickinson.
  • Ever seen three double techs before?
  • Devante’ Jones is more advanced than Mike Smith was early.
  • MSU and OSU basketball: MSU is weird, OSU might be bad.

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