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1 hour and 3 minutes

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The Video:

[After THE JUMP: the player and what we said]


1. Norm Macdonald Tribute with the Sklars

starts at 1:00

Randy and Jason Sklar come on to remember the humor of Norm Macdonald, whose humor inspired them and the humor of this blog. Here’s the Moth Joke:

2. NIU Offensive Preview

starts at 27:01

They’re a racecar with Rocky Lombardi under center. Tempo and a speedy running back, and they’ll take their shots downfield. Alex doesn’t hate any of their linemen.

3. NIU Defensive Preview

starts at 37:31

They’re bad—Seth says the program was torn apart by coaching changes and defections. Worst one was their DT whom they donated to Indiana.

4. Washington after UFR

starts at 48:16

Other than John Donovan, how seriously do we take the dual pavings? Semi-seriously.


Tonight’s featured musician is Maxwell Thomas, a Chicago-based, eccentric yacht rocker who produces alt rock inspired by JRPGs.

  • Ghost
  • Rising Sun
  • Traveler’s Theme

And because Sony bought our song and slapped a claim on us, the opener and outro:

  • “Funk It Up Old School”
  • “Russian Vodka”—Motorboat

If you or a friend made some good tunes and don't have a label out scrubbing for them we'd be happy to feature you.

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