MGoPodcast 13.10: Sorry It‘s Going in the Face


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1 hour and 20`minutes

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1. Offense

starts at 1:00

One of the most boring Michigan games we've ever watched? Too many commercials, it was cold, and they played the Applebee's song. Haskins Hurdling a Fool count is up to five. Injuries compromised the offensive gameplan a bit. There was a literal line of players trying to get into the injury tent. Cade only had 18 pass attempts, JJ has another yakity-sax play, Brian apologizes for trying to sing Yakity-Sax but sang Calliope instead.

[The rest of the writeup and the player after THE JUMP]

2. Defense

starts at 26:40

Defense - great performance against not great offense. Zero sacks from Hutchinson due to being doubled and held. Ojabo continues to be a freak of nature. Junior Colson is developing nicely. Some key Indiana players getting injured makes the defensive performance even murkier to grade. Nine games in and still not much to be said about the cornerbacks.

3. Hot Takes, Special Teams, and Game Theory

starts at 40:44

Takes so hot they're the inverse of how we all felt for 3 unnecessary hours in a November night game. Editor's note: I was not prepared for Seth's take. The entire state of Indiana, minus West Lafayette, should not exist at night. DJ Turner fills in for AJ Henning on punt returns, proceeds to get two kick catch interferences on a single play. Brad Robbins is secretly good but nobody really talks about it. Tweet about Brad Robbins, get a like.

4. Around the Big Ten, wsg Jamie Mac

starts at 58:26

Purdue beats Michigan State with a play from Tecmo Bowl! Brohm claims to have stolen if from a YouTube video of a high school team years ago. Purdue now in a four-way tie with Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa for the Big Ten West. Does Ohio State look beatable or was this a one-off bad game (spoiler: it's the less fun answer). Nebraska is 1-6 in Big Ten play and outscoring their Big Ten opponents. If you're Nebraska... it... still kind of... makes sense to keep Scott Frost? Iowa and Northwestern in the Battle of Backup Quarterbacks. Seven punts in a row to start the game sounds about right. This podcast team was never fooled by Iowa's top five ranking. Brian demands a Grover Bortolotti on Michigan's team. Brandon Peters: 7-of-9 for 80 yards for a win over the number 20 team in the country! Shout out to the Illinois punter for rowing the boat three times and then snapping the paddle.


  • "Meet Me at Our Spot"--The Anxiety
  • "Dennehy"--Serengeti
  • "Crutch"--Band of Horses
  • “Across 110th Street”

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