MGoPodcast 13.0.a: All the Fun Things


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1 hour and 17 minutes

The Sponsors

Thank you to Underground Printing for making this all possible. Rishi and Ryan have been our biggest supporters from the beginning. Check out their wide selection of officially licensed Michigan fan gear at their 3 store locations in Ann Arbor or learn about their custom apparel business at

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This episode however was recorded at Prentice 4M, on the other end of The Bridge, started by a couple of readers to have the perfect, affordable, safe, and clean living/renting/working space near campus.

1. Quarterback & Running Back

starts at 1:00

We try to convince Brian to care about football by showing him all the wonderful things. Like Cade McNamara is the guy but his ceiling is…Shea Patterson? J.J. McCarthy is a much better floor. Not much from Bowman. But hey, running backs! Haskins is a Dude, way too good for Charbonnet to stick around. Corum is everything we desire in a running back. Picking out roles for Edwards makes it fun, as long as we can not think about how the backs were misused last year.

[The rest of the writeup and the player after THE JUMP]

2. Wide Receiver & Tight End

starts at 27:44

Ronnie Bell is he, but also the man who led the country in average YAC in 2019. Cornelius Johnson is an easy breakout candidate. Daylen Baldwin had legit Ohio State interest. AJ Henning inherits the Giles Jackson role, while Sainristil is the Jeter of the offense: coaches hype him every offseason, yet to see it. Don’t sleep on Roman Wilson either. Tight end is thin unless the new wave of guys from nowhere appear, but All could have huge upside if he’s only more like the guy who caught everything before he learned to block.

3. Offensive Line

starts at 46:04

They clearly wanted Zinter to move to center but since that didn’t happen it’s Vastardis and both of Trente Jones and Karsen Barhart are waiting to get on the field. Not a terrible situation, really—Stueber can play and Hayes is locked in at LT, and they love Zinter, and the all-out melee at LG that Keegan won should mean he’s pretty good. We disagree re: Moore.

4. Raw Takes and How it All Fits

starts at 59:36

What is speed and space? It’s Ronnie Bell leading the country in YAC.


  • “Wolf Like Me”—TV on the Radio
  • “Pegasi”—Jesca Hoop
  • “Ghosts”—Ted Leo
  • “Across 110th Street”

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