Newsday - Deep Dive into Sky Lakes Ransomware Event with Karl West


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June 21, 2021: It’s Newsday with Karl West, Chief Information Security Officer, Healthcare at Sirius Healthcare Solutions and former CISO for Intermountain Healthcare. With an extensive history in healthcare cybersecurity, he and Bill complete a deep dive on Sky Lakes Medical phishing incident and subsequent ransomware attack. How can security teams prevent these emails from ever reaching their organization’s inbox? How can training combat the heightened sophistication of ransomware attackers? What can your health system do to stay updated on the latest phishing campaigns and attacks? Segmentation can go a long way in preventing damage in a ransomware attack, but 80% of health systems may not have had the resources to prioritize this. Does your health system have a plan and prioritization for if you’re breached? Create tiered response and keep it brief before it is needed.

Key Points:

  • How does a ransomware attack begin? A successful phishing email [00:09:00]
  • The increasing sophistication of phishing emails and how they observe your organization [00:14:30]
  • How to keep your health system informed of the potential risks current phishing campaigns [00:21:00]
  • Tracing the movement of ransomware attacks and how segmentation can make a difference [00:27:10]
  • Preparing for a ransomware attack: having plan for when your system is down and ready for relaunch [00:34:20]
  • Prioritizing your systems and creating an action plan before disaster strikes [00:45:00]

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