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June 14, 2021: It’s Newsday with Eli Tarlow, Director of Healthcare for Sirius Healthcare Solutions. His experience before his current role was as a CIO for multiple health systems. With many leaders eager to get teams back in the office, will those opting to stay at home be perceived as less engaged? We need to over communicate in healthcare for the sake of the patient, but is there a way to cut down on time tied-up in meetings? Care is becoming more refined and the demand for acute hospital care is decreasing. What does this mean for future building projects? Remote care is increases the amount of off-site devices connecting back to the health system servers. Can we keep our organization safe from nefarious actors? How will wearable tech play a role in this shift? With a higher demand for team members and more remote opportunities, how can your organization focus on retention?

Key Points:

  • Will a return to the office alienate those who would rather work remote? [00:06:40]
  • Healthcare professionals spend a lot of time in meetings. Can we find a way to increase meaningful time on-the-ground? [00:10:40]
  • The shift to remote care and what this means for the fate of in-patient hospital facilities [00:18:20]
  • Keeping health system secure while linked to out-patient and remote care tools [00:30:45]
  • How Apple is integrating wearable technology into the care journey by partnering with EHRs [00:36:00]
  • The future of healthcare with patient-driven interoperability [00:39:00]


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