High Validity Data for Real World Evidence with Dr. Dan Riskin


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June 18, 2021: Today we have enabling technologies. We have compute power. We have artificial intelligence. We have data in the system through electronic health records. We have so much that's enabling. But there is a desperate need for tailored healthcare, data-driven care, precision medicine, personalized healthcare, whatever you like to call it. That is what’s going to disrupt the industry. And creating the right business model for it is hard. Because healthcare is not straightforward. It's complicated. Dr. Dan Riskin, Entrepreneur, Professor of Surgery and Biomedical Informatics Research at Stanford and CEO of Verantos is here to help us figure it out.

Key Points:

  • What's happening right now is doctors are making guesses. We've gone from medicine as a science 40-50 years ago to medicine as an art again. And that's not where we want to be in healthcare. [00:05:35]
  • There is a real risk of bad evidence making it into the system, changing the standard of care and harming patients [00:14:00]
  • You have bias in the data and then you have the quality of the data [00:15:20]
  • Let's in healthcare do what is realistic and possible in the short term. And in the long term we can try to create things that seem crazy and unrealistic. [00:22:15]
  • What’s the biggest thing we can do in healthcare to make it better? The most disruptive, most beneficial thing. Make the patient the customer. [00:34:35]
  • Verantos

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