Geisinger Shares Pragmatic Solutions to Reduce Phishing with David Stellfox and Joshua Murray


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June 11, 2021: Healthcare executives have to worry about so many aspects of running a business. Caring for patients and caring for the community, not to mention cybersecurity. Phishing is one of the number one ways health systems get exposed. Today Geisinger shares their program of success in lowering the click rate on phishing emails. Joining us is David Stellfox, Cybersecurity Communication Specialist and Joshua Murray, Cyber Threat Response Team Lead. What kinds of tools are utilized in the program? Can the tools be ratcheted up to simulate the growing sophistication of these attacks? How do you get the backing of senior leaders? Can we ever get to 0%? Is that an attainable goal? And what is Geisinger’s guidance for other health systems looking to kick off a similar program?

Key Points:

  • Geisnger were able to reduce the occurrences of successful phishing amongst their staff by upwards of 50%. [00:09:40]
  • Much like the pandemic was for hand-washing, social distancing and good hygiene is now to the growing seriousness of cybersecurity with people waiting in gas lines [00:11:25]
  • In the last two years people have become more aware of the potential for cyber attacks and their implications [00:12:05]
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