Finding and Filling Healthcare’s Cyber Security Gaps with Mitch Parker


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June 25, 2021: It feels like healthcare is constantly under attack. What is going on in the cyber world today and what can we do about it?? Mitch Parker, CISO for IU Health shares the foundational elements of a security program including staff awareness, funding, governance and evaluation of practices and procedures. What is the most common gap in cyber programs? Where are people generally falling short? How do you determine the right amount of funding? Can smaller health systems keep up with the sophistication of the attacks? What can they do to keep criminals and terrorists at bay? What advancements are there in detection, prevention and threat response?

Key Points:

  • You can choose a path of defense or you can choose a path of crime [00:12:05]
  • Biden’s Executive Order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity concerned [00:13:05]
  • The Finland mental health records breach [00:14:35]
  • The biggest gap in most healthcare systems cyber programs is due diligence [00:25:53]
  • At least five to 10% of your budget needs to be focused on security and security measures [00:31:05]
  • IU Health

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