The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod - Episode 99: Desert Island Discs Fantasy Draft Round Up


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This episode is a follow up to episode 95, where we discussed the first round picks for our Desert Island Discs Fantasy Draft. The game consists of us and some guests each building a roster of 4 Dreamcast games that are the only games we can take to a Desert Island.
In this episode, Kev, Lewis and Brian take a look at each person's four picks. This will soon be followed by a vote to decide who has created the most desirable Desert Island!
Special thanks to PcWzrd13 & Retro Faith for taking part, along with the team from Dreamcast Years. Please note that submissions to episode 100 of the DreamPod have now finished - our schedules got a bit rushed due to it being the holidays! Sorry about that, gang.

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